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About Us

About the Garrison-Trotter Neighborhood Association

The Garrison-Trotter Neighborhood Association (GTNA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of the Roxbury, MA community. Our mission is to empower individuals, families, and businesses and to help improve the quality of life in the catchment area. We host a variety of activities and events to engage local residents and to provide opportunities for them to get involved.

We strive to be a voice for the community and to be a reliable source of support for those who need it. We invite you to join us in our mission to make a positive impact in the Greater Roxbury area.

Garrison-Trotter Catchment Area 


Abbotsford ▪ Brinton ▪ Brookledge ▪ Brunswick ▪ Cardington St ▪ Cheney St ▪ Cobden St ▪ 
Codman Park ▪ Crawford St ▪ Crestwood Park ▪ Deckard St ▪ Dennison St ▪ Dunford St ▪
Elbert St ▪ Elmore St ▪ Elmore Park ▪ Elm Hill Ave ▪ Elwood Ct ▪ Galena ▪ Georgia St ▪ 
Haley St ▪ Harold Park ▪ Harold St ▪ Hartwell St ▪ Harrishof St ▪ Hazelwood St ▪ 
Hazelwood Ct ▪ Holworthy St ▪ Homestead St ▪ Howland St ▪ Humboldt Ave ▪ Humboldt Ct Hutchings St ▪ Kensington St ▪ Marksdale St ▪ Maple Ct ▪ Maple St ▪ Mayfair St ▪ Montana St Munroe St ▪ Nazing St ▪ Park View St ▪ Pleasanton St ▪ Ruthven St Schuyler St ▪ Segel St Silva Pl ▪ Sonoma St ▪ Townsend St ▪ Wabeno St ▪ Wabon St ▪ Wayne St ▪ 
Wellington Ct ▪ Wenonah St ▪ Westminster Ave ▪ Westminster Ct ▪ Westminster Terrace ▪ Waldren Rd ▪ Wardman Rd ▪ Walnut Ave ▪ Walnut Park ▪ Waumbeck St ▪​ Wyoming St

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