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Our Mission

The Garrison-Trotter Neighborhood Association's mission is to foster community empowerment and to improve the quality of life for Roxbury, MA residents living in the GTNA catchment area. Our efforts include, but are not limited to:    


Participating in the development of a comprehensive housing and community  development plan for Roxbury – The Roxbury Master Plan was finalized in 2004

Sponsoring public presentations on zoning, housing, and assessing; and tackling other issues of neighborhood concern, such as, traffic & parking, public utilities, and parks.

​Establishing a neighborhood crime watch and participating in the Grove Hall Safe.

​​Advocating for the development of affordable homeownership housing; and for a wide variety of housing opportunities.

​Presenting public testimony on insurance and lending redlining; and the Boston Jobs Policy.

Neighborhood Initiative and the Police Area B-2 Strategic Planning Process.

Advocating for the rehabilitation and preservation of government-assisted housing, and for a meaningful role in its ownership and management by its residents.

Working with neighborhood residents and City departments to address issues related to code enforcement, capital improvements, and other City services.

​Collaborating with neighborhood groups on community activities, such as, clean-up.

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